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The Basics on Appliance Water Damage | SERVPRO® of Hayward

4/11/2023 (Permalink)

a blue and white hot water heater showing signs of a water leak Have water damage in your home from an appliance? SERVPRO of Hayward is always on call ready to help.

We rely on water to help us perform so many everyday tasks! Running the washing machine, washing dishes, giving your kids a bath and providing ice to chill your drink are just some of the ways water is used in the home.

Because water is so prevalent in our lives, the risk of water damage is always present. Any appliance that uses water to function runs the risk of causing water damage when it malfunctions.

Learning what to look for when it comes to potential water damage can help you protect your appliances and your home from costly and extensive water troubles.

Maintaining Your Appliances

The best way to reduce your risk of water damage is to be proactive about your appliance maintenance! Whenever you pass by or use appliances like your dishwasher, fridge or washing machine, check the floor for water or puddles near the units.

Sometimes, leaks can go unnoticed underneath your refrigerator or dishwasher, so be cautious about any soft spots in the floor or an unexplained puddle. It is also important to pull the bigger appliances away from the wall once a year to clean them and check for signs of water damage or mold growth.

One system that should be addressed often is your HVAC system! It should be serviced once a year to make sure it is in good condition, and you should give it an inspection to look for moisture near the vents or under the unit often. Whenever water is present where it shouldn’t be, it can be a sign of a potential appliance malfunction.

Your water heater is also a large appliance that could experience water issues! Don’t forget to check around it as well and give it a thorough inspection every year.

Long-Term Maintenance Tasks

In addition to staying on top of any emerging issues, it is important to get your appliances serviced regularly, depending on the recommendation of the manufacturer. If you feel more comfortable with a professional, give them a call! Otherwise, there are some things you can do on your own as well.

Check the hoses and other tubes leading from your fridge, washing machine and other appliances. Holes or kinks can be a sign of a potential problem, so replace them right away to avoid an issue from occurring.

When you head to the store to find replacement parts, choose high-quality parts that will last for a long time. As your appliances age, consider replacing them completely to have the safest products throughout your house. Keep your home safe by being proactive about leaks and maintaining your appliances.

Have water damage in your home from an appliance or another source? Our team is here to help, so call us day or night.

Teach Your Staff to PASS Fire Safety Training | SERVPRO® of Hayward

3/28/2023 (Permalink)

two fire extinguisher hanging on a tan interior wall Dealing with the aftermath of a commercial fire? SERVPRO of Hayward is your local restoration expert.

No owner wants to think about suffering damage to his or her business or commercial property. The damage alone could be catastrophic and costly to repair. Having a plan in place for handling emergency situations can help minimize or even prevent damages.

This is especially true when fire is involved! Building fires can quickly get out of hand if your employees are not prepared or taught how to respond.

By following our tips on teaching fire safety below, you can arm your employees with the knowledge they need to act quickly and efficiently in the event of a fire.

Back to Basics

Do you know where the fire extinguishers are located on your property? Hopefully you do, and your employees do as well.

In fact, it is actually an OSHA requirement that all employees be trained on fire extinguisher use. This includes how to use one to fight a fire and how to distinguish between the different types of fire extinguishers.

Give your employees their first lesson by letting them hold and practice using your fire extinguisher. Aiming, pulling the pin and sweeping the flames are all important steps to explain as they practice. Also, ensure that they understand that six to eight feet is the distance they should be away from the flames.

If your staff have trouble remembering the steps, introduce the acronym PASS. In an emergency situation, it can be easier for your employees to recall and put their newly found skills to use. Aim to do this training at least once a year, and don’t let your veteran employees skip out on it! A refresher is needed every year.

Once your staff has that down, it is now time to divide up responsibilities. Designate a few trusted members the tasks of calling 911, fighting the fire and getting your crew and customers to safety.

Seeking Safety When Needed

No two fire situations are exactly the same, especially when it comes to a business. A fire that breaks out in a business along Nursery Road will have a different response than a simple break room fire at a local restaurant or storefront along Main Street. Because of that, your employees should understand the risks and know how to act in each situation.

Your employees’ safety is your No.1 priority, and it should be theirs as well. Reassure them that backing away and seeking safety is always an option. Walk around your building and discuss how to exit each room quickly and efficiently.

Preparing now can save you from a widespread disaster later! If your employees are confident about their fire safety skills, your chances of avoiding a devastating fire increases dramatically.

Dealing with the aftermath of a commercial fire? Our SERVPRO specialists can restore your losses and return your workplace to its pre-fire condition.

Stop Spring Water Damage Where It Counts | SERVPRO® of Hayward

3/10/2023 (Permalink)

dark stormy clouds forming into a spring storm SERVPRO of Hayward team is always here for you, if you experience any storm damage call us right away.

Spring is on the way! While we do appreciate that we experience every single season here in northern Wisconsin, we are sure glad to see those subzero temperatures slowly fade away and the spring thaw occurs. It is important for you to be proactive in your preparations to avoid water or storm damage to your home.

Don’t just focus on the interior of your home, though! Winter weather can cause damage to your roof and around your property that could pose a large threat when the first spring storm rolls through. Check out our latest blog post below to get some tips on how to prepare.

Address Your Property

Winter can cause a lot of debris and buildup to make its way onto your roof and into your gutters. Wind, ice and snow can all cause blockages in your gutters.

In addition, if you didn’t clean out your gutters in the fall, any leaf buildup could lead to water issues on your roof when the rain starts to fall. If the rain can’t flow down your roof, it can eventually get into your attic and leak down your walls.

It is also an important time to make sure any vents around your house are clear. Over the winter, they can create condensation and ice buildup around the openings. If your furnace, dryer or even attic vents can’t work properly, it can be dangerous to your family and cause appliance malfunctions.

Another place that commonly is a source of water damage is near your outdoor faucets and along your water lines outside. If any water froze and expanded in the pipes, they could crack or completely burst. Addressing cracks and or safely thawing your pipes now can prevent a large issue later in the spring.

Fix It Up

Since the majority of us spend most of our time inside during the winter months, it can be easy to forget about our home’s exterior and roof. Out of sight, out of mind, right? But winter is actually a common season for roof damage.

Because we have had such a volatile and snowy winter season, ice dams and hefty snow buildup are common on a lot of our area homes. It is crucial that you check your roof for damage around your shingles and near the edges to catch an issue now before it is too late.

The damage also doesn’t have to be obvious for it to cause extensive water issues in your home. A single crack or missing shingle will quickly become a problem when the snow thaws or the first spring storm comes through.

Preparing for the Storms

A sump pump is a great investment in your home, but only if it is working! Give it a thorough inspection and consider having a professional come out to give it a look. A simple clog or malfunction can cause your basement to fill up with water and that type of damage can cause a significant toll on your family.

Before the first spring storm forecast, give your emergency kit an update and review your safety plan with everyone in your household. It is important that everyone knows how to reliably receive weather alerts and knows where your safe shelter location is in your home.

We know that water or storm damage is a possibility during any season, and spring is no different! If you discover home damage at any point in the year, give us a call at SERVPRO of Hayward and we will work hard to dry out your possessions and address any damage right away for you.

Got water damage? We are here to help 247 and can restore your home quickly.

The Basics of Keeping Your Commercial Property Dry | SERVPRO® of Hayward

2/28/2023 (Permalink)

corner of interior wall showing signs of black mold from water damage Experienced water damage in your commercial building? SERVPRO of Hayward can help you get dried out quickly.

Water, water everywhere! The threat of water damage is a constant when you are a business or commercial property owner. Whether it be from a severe storm or a leaky toilet, any kind of water damage has the potential to be widespread.

Catching every drip or minor leak can help you avoid a large-scale disaster. If your business is a large operation or in a warehouse, it can be that much harder to stay on top of any issues. We explain some helpful ways to avoid water damage below, so check it out.

Common Areas of Concern

No one wants to experience water damage, but that is especially true if you are a business owner and rely on being open to serve customers or create your product. Having to close can lead to lost revenue, wages and a costly repair bill.

By being proactive about checking the locations that often are the culprits for water issues, it can help you catch a problem as it occurs or at the very beginning of the trouble:

1. The roof. The roof over your head can lead to all kinds of water issues if it is damaged. Broken or cracked shingles can invite water into your attic or top level and leak its way down your walls and into your floors. A single event like a falling tree can also cause structural damage that leads to a widespread water disaster. It is important to routinely get up on your roof for damage, especially after a severe storm or a wind event. You should also make sure to have a plan to remove snow from your roof after a heavy snowstorm.

2. Bathrooms. Since water is flowing in and out of our bathrooms on a daily basis, these areas need to be inspected often as well. Toilets and sinks can cause a lot of damage without much warning. Even tiny holes or cracks along pipelines can quietly leak and cause a lot of damage. Designate a member of your staff to check your bathrooms often for water issues.

3. Water heaters/HVAC/boilers. Any appliance that uses water to function has the potential to leak. Water lines can get clogged, drains can back up and even a system malfunction can cause the appliance to leak all over the floor. If you notice any mysterious puddles or notice a drop in water pressure from your faucets, have your maintenance crew investigate right away.

Stopping Water Damage at the Start

Aside from any sort of weather event, most water damage is actually preventable! If you take the time to prepare and investigate issues at the source, you can cut your losses dramatically.

One of the best ways to can minimize your damages is to create a maintenance plan. This helps you stay on top of cleaning, inspections and routine upkeep for your space and equipment.

In addition, having an Emergency Ready Plan for your space can help take out the uncertainty for your team after a water disaster. Our SERVPRO of Hayward team can help you create the best plan tailored to your building’s specific needs and layout.

Timing is crucial when it comes to reducing the extent of your water damage. Shut off all water lines, close off the area and call us right away! Our water damage restoration team will be there right away to help you fully recover and get your doors back open for business quickly.

Experienced water damage in your commercial building? Contact us to get dried out quickly.

Call SERVPRO as Soon as the Fire Is Out | SERVPRO® of Hayward

2/9/2023 (Permalink)

a small house completely engulfed in flames For quick repairs following a fire, get in touch with our team at SERVPRO of Hayward.

No one wants to think about suffering a disaster in your home! Any sort of disaster can be overwhelming and scary for everyone in your family.

One disaster that has the potential to be dangerous and even catastrophic, though, is a house fire. Fire can spread quickly, leaving behind a mess and a lot of questions.

Recovering after a house fire can take a lot of work if you attempt the recovery on your own. When you have SERVPRO of Hayward on your team, we can ensure the restoration process is smooth and simple for you! We have the tools and experience needed to fully restore your house and make the fire a distant memory.

We fully lay out our approach to fire damage below, so read on to learn more.

Our Initial Steps

Following a house fire, your first priority should always be to make sure your family is safe and accounted for. Once you know that everyone is OK, give our team a call.

Once we make initial contact with you, our first step is to get a thorough understanding of the fire and your unique situation. This helps us tailor our restoration plan and gather the materials needed for the project. Once we have what we need, we hop in our trucks and head your direction!

When we arrive, we do a walkthrough of your property to assess the severity of the damage and make sure the area is safe to work in.

Protecting Your Home From Further Damage

Even though the fire may be out, your home is still vulnerable to damage if parts of it are exposed to the elements. We focus on boarding up broken windows or covering areas with tarps to protect your home from rain, snow and anything else that could cause more damage.

Once your home is secured, we get down to business! We start by removing the smoke and soot from your carpets, walls and ceilings, and removing any furniture or things that require a deeper cleaning. We sanitize and clean everything before returning it back to its place.

The Repair Process

Once your home is cleaned and free of smoke and soot, it is now time to address the repairs. If the fire was small, we can perform minor maintenance or replace drywall or carpet. If the fire destroyed a section of your home, we can rebuild that, too!

We have the tools and years of experience to tackle any restoration projects that you need in order to fully recover from the fire. Your SERVPRO of Hayward team is always here to help you in your time of need.

For rapid repairs following a fire, get in touch with our team at SERVPRO of Hayward! We will work as quickly as possible to return you to a safe and fully restored property.

Stay Toasty Warm and Fire-Safe This Season | SERVPRO® of Hayward

1/24/2023 (Permalink)

a small electric heater in a living room Call SERVPRO of Hayward if you experience any smoke, soot or fire damage.

Winter has certainly arrived here in Wisconsin! The temperatures are below freezing and the snowpack has settled in nicely.

We can almost guarantee that you have either cranked up your heat or stocked up on wood for your fireplace, or both. Because we use heat so much at this time of year, being fire-safe and responsible around heat sources is crucial to avoiding house fires.

We want you to stay warm and fire-free this season, so check out our latest blog all about home fire safety below.

Addressing Your Furnace

We rely so heavily on our furnace and HVAC systems when it gets this cold! In order for this system to work smoothly all season long, it needs to be maintained often.

Now is the time to do a mid-season inspection to check for any issues or wear and tear on the equipment. You should also perform a deep-cleaning of it every season to avoid dust and debris buildup.

When was the last time you replaced your air filter? Your air filters should ideally be replaced every 90 days, and even more often if you have a large family or indoor pets. Make a note to change your filter at the change of every season.

Even though it is a small task to complete, it is crucial to protecting the lifespan of your HVAC system and keeping your air clean.

Maintain Your Fireplace

If you are lucky enough to have a fireplace in your home, we bet you are enjoying the benefits of its efficient heat and ambiance! However, fireplaces are a common source of house fires if they aren’t cleaned often and inspected every season. Clear out any ash buildup and clean any smoke staining off of your brick surrounding. It is also important to ensure your chimney is free of blockages so the smoke can travel up and out of your home.

If your fireplace is an artificial one, you still need to clean it! Remove the glass and clean the logs and surrounding areas to remove dust buildup and other debris. Give the glass a good scrub as well. If you take care of your equipment, it will take care of you.

Be Responsible With Space Heaters

Space heaters can provide your home with warmth quickly, but they also can cause house fires if you aren’t careful. Your space heaters should always be kept at least three feet away from combustible materials while it is in use, and never leave them on while you are sleeping.

In addition, they should also always be placed on a level surface so they don’t accidentally get knocked or tipped over. When you plug them in, choose a wall outlet instead of an extension cord!

Lastly, it is important to keep an eye on your small children and pets while a space heater is in use. All it takes is a single accident for a large problem to occur.

If you experience fire damage this season, give us a call at SERVPRO of Hayward for immediate assistance. We’re here 247 when you need us!

Protect Your Home From Water Damage in the New Year | SERVPRO® of Hayward

1/10/2023 (Permalink)

water failing from a sink due to a clogged drain Have water damage in your home? Contact SERVPRO of Hayward for quick and professional restoration.

With a new year comes new possibilities! While you are busy making New Year’s resolutions and working on decluttering your life, incorporate these tips on reducing your risk for water damage in your home.

Since water damage is a constant threat no matter what season we are in, it is important to take proper steps before the threat is even present.

Where Does Water Damage Start?

In order to fully understand where water damage comes from, you have to be familiar with the different ways water could infiltrate your home. Gutters with blockages and a poorly graded yard are common reasons for water damage outside the home, while fixture malfunctions and appliance failures are the leading causes inside the home.

Rusted-out pipes or caulking issues can cause moisture issues in your home. When those leaks or moist areas are left untreated, mold growth can begin or the lingering water can start to rot out the affected area.

Your appliances are also vulnerable to water where it shouldn’t be. They could rust or malfunction, leaving you with frustration and probably a big puddle on the floor.

Your appliances could also begin to rust or stop working if a drip gets to their electronic components. The sooner you catch an issue at its source, the more you can mitigate damages.

Be Proactive Against Water Damage

While even just an inch of water can cause widespread damage, you can practice preventive steps every day. Early detection can save you precious time and money if you can catch a problem at the source!

Regularly check your bathrooms and kitchens for water stains or the beginnings of mold growth. When it rains or on really cold winter days, check for condensation along your window panes. Be aware of any emerging musty odors in your home that could indicate a mold issue.

Inspect your roof regularly to catch any missing shingles or structural issues, and clean your gutters at the start of a new season to encourage proper water flow.

When the snow flies and the temperature dips below freezing, you have to be especially careful about ice dams forming on your roof. Ice dams can build up over time and cause extensive water damage when the ice melts and runs down your roof.

You should also have your yard professionally graded if you live in a low area or have a property that slopes toward your house. This ensures that any rain water or melting snow will run down and away from your home.

Have water damage in your home? Contact us for fast, professional restoration back to preloss condition.

Tackling the Odor Problem in Your Home | SERVPRO® of Hayward

1/3/2023 (Permalink)

a SERVPRO crew setting up machines to clean a kitchen If you experience an odor or any other damage inside your home, call SERVPRO of Hayward day or night.

Day or night, we are proud to offer our professional cleaning and restoration services to the Hayward area. Part of our cleaning process includes tackling any odor problems in your home or business!

Damage of any kind can create odor problems, whether it be from the start of mold growth or residual soot after a fire. If you start to notice a bad odor that you just can’t get rid of, give us a call! Our thorough approach to odor removal can ensure that your lingering odor is a thing of the past.

How We Get Rid of Odors

Odors can be caused by all kinds of things! Airborne chemicals, gasses or tiny particles left in the air can all cause lingering smells. In each case, we approach the problem thoroughly to make sure that we completely get rid of the odor.

Some of our methods are:

Masking agents. While this method isn’t usually our first approach, we can use our masking products to create a more pleasant environment for you while we prepare our other methods.

Filtration agents. Our filtration products can pull the smell right out of your furniture, walls and floor! When applied, they can also pull the odor particles directly from the air.

Disinfectants and sanitizers. This is an important step! We make sure to sanitize the space to prevent bacteria or fungus from growing so the odor cannot come back.

Explaining Our Process

Here is how the odor removal process can look:

1. Remove the source. We have to know exactly what is causing the odor so we can remove the source from your home. This includes anything that has been compromised by the odor as well, and everything affected will be removed from your home.

2. Clean residue from surfaces. Once the source is removed, we work on cleaning and sanitizing your space. This step ensures that we get every odor particle!

3. Recreate the odor-causing conditions. This step can help make sure we didn’t miss anything. We employ a deodorizer to recreate the original environment that helps identify any lingering smells.

4. Seal exposed surfaces. If your odor is severe, we also have the ability to seal off the affected area to keep the smell from traveling further while we assess our next steps.

No matter what is causing your odor, we are here for you! Our team will evaluate your home and create a plan that is specifically tailored to your home’s needs.

If you experience an odor or other damage inside your home or business, call us at any time, 247. We have the training and equipment to quickly get your property back in operation.

Protect Your Home From the Threat of Water | SERVPRO® of Hayward

12/9/2022 (Permalink)

a white ceiling showing signs of water damage from a leak If you experience any water damage inside your home or business, reach out to SERVPRO of Hayward.

Water is everywhere! We use it in our homes every day, so that opens us up to the threat of water damage at any time. While some water damage can be instantly obvious, other situations can develop slowly without many signs.

It takes some investigative work to discover a water leak in your home. We can help you pinpoint the parts of your home that are most vulnerable to leaks in our latest blog post below.

<h3bathroom-utilities">Your Bathroom Utilities

Bathroom fixtures are one of the most common places for water issues to occur in our homes. Sinks, bathtubs and toilets all have water lines that could burst or wear away over time.

Any time you are doing a routine cleaning of your bathroom, check your water lines and the seals around them. If you notice wearing or deterioration, address these issues right away to prevent a major issue from occurring later.

<h3water-reliant-appliances">Your Water-Reliant Appliances

We are so grateful that appliances like water heaters, dishwashers and washing machines exist! They make a busy life a little easier. However, whenever water is used in your home, the threat of water damage is present.

Routinely checking for leaks behind and under these appliances can help you stop a water problem in its tracks. Pull them away from the wall, unplug them and do a full check around the appliance. If there is any staining or peeling paint on the wall or if there is visible mold growth, call us immediately!

<h3weather-and-our-homes">Wisconsin Weather and Our Homes

We all know how brutal the weather can be in Hayward! Whether we are in the heat of the summer experiencing heavy rain or are hunkered down during a blizzard in the winter, we know how destructive water can be.

We are lucky enough to be in an area of the United States that can see snow for half of the year. We already had our first brush with snow back in October. Since the threat of water damage is so constant for us, it is important to prepare your home as soon as you are able when the weather starts to cool down.

You can help reduce the risk of water damage in your home by controlling the excess moisture. Sealing any gaps around your windows or doors and addressing any drafty areas of your home can help prevent condensation or moisture buildup.

It is also important to clear out your gutters and remove debris from your roof so your gutter system can work efficiently for you all year long.

If you experience water damage inside your home or business, call us 247. We have the experience and equipment to get your property back in working order fast.

What to Expect From Winter Weather in Wisconsin | SERVPRO® of Hayward

11/21/2022 (Permalink)

side by side view of a hot and cold thermometer If you experience damage due to a winter storm, call SERVPRO of Hayward. We have the experience and equipment for any issue.

Winter is almost here! We are no strangers to the brutal cold and high snow totals here in Wisconsin, so we know all too well what to expect with the change in season.

Winter weather brings our homes and businesses unique challenges like snow, ice, fog and that ever-annoying sleet. Knowing that all this has the potential to affect your home can help keep your family safe and dry this year!

Winter Across the United States

Your experience with the coming season will vary greatly depending on where you live in the United States. For us, we are kind of right in the middle of this prediction!

Normally, we can expect to see extremely low temperatures and bouts of heavy snow throughout the winter months. In other parts of the country, a more mild temperature and more rain is more common.

No matter what type of winter weather affects you, it is crucial to be prepared to help minimize any potential home damages.

Winter Around Hayward

Winter in northern Wisconsin can be intense! We frequently see heavy snowfall and ice storms. With our flat landscape, blizzard conditions can appear quickly and can make roads impassable.

Sometimes the weather can be strong enough to affect the function of your home. Even just last year, we suffered from an ice storm that knocked out power to almost our entire area. Ice can weigh down power lines, trees and overwhelm our electrical panels. We love it here, right?

Preparing Your Home

Winter weather can come in many different forms, and they can range from minor inconveniences to full blown disasters. Make sure you have two reliable methods of receiving weather alerts, including one that will work when the power is out.

An emergency kit is also recommended to have on hand. Blizzard conditions can appear really quickly, making it hard or even impossible to make it to the store or pharmacy. Update your kit each season, and add in anything specific to your family like medication to make sure everyone is able to be comfortable during a storm.

In any case, weatherproofing your windows and your doors is necessary to keep out the chill and unwanted moisture, and it can actually keep your electricity bill lower. It is also important to shut off your outdoor water faucets to prevent frozen and burst pipes.

Also, clean out your gutters, address any roof damages and inspect any gaps around your windows and doors to help keep your home watertight and warm all season long.

Living in the Midwest, we know how to appreciate the joys of each season! If you do suffer some sort of home damage or water issue this winter, we are here for you at SERVPRO of Hayward.

If you experience damage in a winter storm, call us. We have the experience and equipment to get your home back to normal.